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It’s 2035, the climate has changed and is changing again. The ice cap withdrawing north for the past 25 years at an unprecedented rate suddenly regains its vigor. It is winter; cold, bleak and dark. Divers are exploring the wreck of a ship lost 200-years ago. The captain’s quarters are entered for the first time since the ship sunk. A horrific artifact is released from the depths.


The Arctic is warming, but it’s still below freezing and can kill you in a matter of minutes


It’s dark for 24 hours a day. The sky is illuminated by strong Aurora


Frozen below the ice and within a locked cabin lies an evil soon to be released


Atmospheric magnetic storms fill the arctic sky. Suddenly the winter takes hold as ancient spirits breathe life back into a body more than two centuries old. Powerful Electric storms are disrupting global communications, there’s no one to help.

There’s no-where to run and no-one to help

The cold is not your only enemy – Frankenstein 2035 – Available Now